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 Company profile
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                                              Company profile
 Major events in 2020


 •   We extended the agreement for investments in RES for another
 two years, based on the successful long-term cooperation with   April
 the Government of the Republic of Srpska (BA). As part of the
 previous agreement, which assumed investments in hydropower,   •   We developed a technical solution for a centralized cooling system
 our subsidiary EHE d.o.o. so far invested and built three small   with the possibility of cascading operation and management via a
 hydropower plants (15 MW). The new agreement will open up   central control system, now used in the Slovenian company Elan.
 investment opportunities in the field of solar and wind energy
 •   In just over six months, we completed the project of renovating
 the entire public lighting in the municipality of Nova Gorica, which
 is the largest public-private partnership project in the field of LED
 lighting in Slovenia. Obsolete and inefficient existing luminaires   May
 have been replaced with 3,900 LED luminaires, which provide
 optimal lighting of public areas with automatic adjustment.  •   We completed the construction of a small hydroelectric power plant
                                                   Vrbnica in Montenegro with a nominal capacity of 6.8 MW, managed
                                                   by the subsidiary MHE Vrbnica d.o.o.
                                               •   We started the installation of a cogeneration system for the
                                                   simultaneous production of heat and electricity for the international
 February                                          company JUB, d.o.o., thus enabling them to self-supply with 68
                                                   percent of the produced electricity and 72 percent of the produced
 •   We started the installation of a cogeneration system in the company   heat.
 Belinka, which simultaneously produces over 8,000 h/year of   •   We merged LSB Elektrane, d.o.o., with EHE, d.o.o.
 electricity, heat and steam for the technological process. With the
 new solution, the company will cover 30 percent of its own energy


                                               •   We concluded a contract on energy distribution, wood chip supply
                                                   and servicing of the wood biomass district heating system (DHS)
                                                   in the municipality of Preddvor with Energetika Preddvor, d.o.o.,
                                                   and became the new system manager.
                                               •   We took over a 100% ownership share of Hydro Ljutina, d.o.o.,
                                                   which operates two small hydropower plants on the Ljutina River
 •   At the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic, the company provided
 all employees with an immediate option to work from home in   in Serbia with a nominal capacity of 1.84 MW.
 accordance with contingency plans, critical business processes
 were audited, and appropriate measures were taken to ensure
 their maintenance.

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