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 July                                             October

 •   We signed a contract with the Municipality of Benedikt according   •   We signed the first stand-alone Power Purchasing Agreement
 to the model of public-private partnership, in line with which we   (PPA) for the purchase of electricity from wind farms in Hungary,
 energetically renovated public lighting and lighting in the sports   with a total nominal capacity of 10 MW and approximate annual
 hall of the Municipality of Benedikt.               production of 27 GWh.
 •   We took over the management of the district heating system in   •   Company Eko-toplota energetika, d.o.o., took over the company
 the municipality of Idrija.                         Energetika Šentrupert, d.o.o. (hereinafter: Ekoenergo, d.o.o.),
                                                     which  increased  the  portfolio  of  district  heating  systems
 •   We signed a concession agreement with School Centre Kranj
 for the comprehensive energy rehabilitation of the Secondary   managed by the Interenergo Group. At the same time, the
 School of Economics, Services and Construction. Consistent   company Zarja ekoenergija, d.o.o., merged with the company
 with the energy contracting model, we renovated the school and   Eko-toplota energetika, d.o.o., which now operates three wood
 gym in the size of 5,447 m , where we upgraded the old boiler   biomass district heating systems.
 room to extra light heating oil (ELKO) with energy efficient boiler
 room, replaced old inefficient lights with LED lights, installed a
 central control system of the entire building, insulated the attic,
 installed new joinery and glazed the facade.
 •   We developed a reliable technical solution for the simultaneous
 production of heat and electricity (CHP) for the company DEOS.   •   At the Environmental Meeting conference, we received an
 In addition to the two existing gas boilers, we upgraded two CHP   award in the category of Environmentally Friendly Service for
 plants, which will cover 75 percent of the thermal needs of the   the project “Use of artificial intelligence in heat production for
 building, and the gas boilers will only be used for covering the   a remote system”.
                                                  •   The small hydroelectric power plant Vrbnica in Montenegro with
                                                     a nominal capacity of 6.8 MW started operating.

 August                                           December

 •   Our company in North Macedonia acquired a project for the   •   We took over a 100% ownership share of the company
 energy renovation of public lighting in the municipality of Radoviš   Vjetroelektrana Orjak, d.o.o., which owns a wind farm in Croatia.
 in North Macedonia. This is our first project in the field of energy
 services abroad.                                 •   We took over a 100% ownership share in the company Osen
                                                     toplota, d.o.o., which ensures the production and supply of
                                                     thermal energy with a wood biomass district heating system in
                                                     the municipality of Pivka.

                                                  •   We took over an 80 % ownership share of the company Solarne
                                                     elektrane Nin, d.o.o., in Croatia.

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