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Company profile
 Inter ener go  Compan y pr ofile  Interenergo  Company profile

                               Vision                                           Mission

                 We are transforming from an electricity            Using innovative solutions we create
                    company into an energy company.                       the energy of the future.

                 We will increase the production of energy          We transform energy trends into smart
                  from renewable sources, expand trading           growth and integrate innovative solutions
                    activity in the markets of continental            to ensure high added value for our
                   Europe and provide advanced services                        stakeholders.
                  and flexible energy supply in the region.

 Vision, mission             Targeting                                      Responsibility

 and values         We believe that with a clear vision,           We take responsibility for the results of

                 objectives, and perseverance anything is          our work, the results of our employees,
                                possible.                                    and the Company.
 The energy industry is constantly changing and we will not only   •   We form our own processes and priorities   •   We stand by our actions.
 adapt to, but also co-create those changes. While they bring   for achieving our goals.  •   Eliminate deficiencies in a proactive way.
 new opportunities, there are also many risks. Putting these   •   We adhere to high standards of quality.  •   We do our best and more to be
 changes forward is the best possible way to mitigate the risk.   •   We are persistent and overcome   successful.
                                  obstacles.                        •
 Renewable sources are at the core of our business model.              Each employee generates added value.
 Quality investments in the energy industry are, by definition,   •   We can achieve outstanding results.
 well thought out and made with a longterm vision in mind.
 Interenergo, together with its parent company Kelag, ensures
 progress and a strong financial support.

                   Growth and development                                     Teamwork

                 Quality and professional services reflect         Every single one of us is important and
                  our on-going learning and investing in              together we are one step ahead.
                                                                  •   We create a pleasant working atmosphere
                  •   We find the possibility of improvement in           through ease and transparency.
                                 everything.                      •   We cooperate, respect and help each other.
                 •   We take care of personal and professional     •   Individual goals are adapted to common
                         growth based on self-initiative.                            goals.
                         •   We seek new solutions.                    •   None of us can achieve as much
                 •   We keep our focus on technologies of the          individually as we can achieve together.

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