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Interenergo  Business report  Interenergo    Business report

 Business report  Business environment analysis

 Strategic challenges and   The COVID-19 pandemic, combined with rigorous   will depend on the course of the epidemic and the
                                                               severity of the containment measures, as well as
            health and protection measures, severely affected
 strategic goals  global economic activity in 2020. Strict measures to   the differences in the structure of the economies
            curb the spread of coronavirus have led to a marked
                                                               and the responses of each country’s internal
            decline in economic activity due to the cessation
                                                               policies. The recovery will be limited over the next
            of non-essential operations and hampered the       two years due to continual tackling of the epidemic
            accomplishments of other service activities.  To   and perpetual uncertainty, but will be supported by
 The current global reality is marked by responses   extent, also energy consumption. A huge financial   lessen the negative effects of the pandemic, extensive   large financial packages agreed at national and EU
 to the pandemic and awareness of resilience to   stimulus as a pandemic mitigator and at the same   packages of measures have been adopted at the   levels, increased public investment and state aid to
 such stress, climate change challenges, and a   time a potential cure for the deficit in global demand   national level and within the European Central Bank   businesses and residents, and monetary stimulus
 lack of response to the sustainability of the global   is looking for new investment opportunities and thus   and the European Commission to mitigate the loss of   policies. The rapid introduction and widespread use
 economic paradigm. While the pandemic has no   spilling over into the energy markets.  economic and household incomes, provide liquidity   of an effective vaccine or rapid progress in treatment
 significant long-term impact on energy activity, as it   As  an  active  electricity  trader  and  investor  in   and support the recovery of economic activity.   will significantly improve the prospects for higher
 currently only complicates operations and indirectly   production resources, we are constantly adapting   These measures significantly mitigate the decline in   economic growth in 2021.
 negatively or in some cases even positively affects   to new realities. We are also trying to think of ideas   economic activity and are vital for restarting activity.  The biggest risk for the realization of the estimated
 the profitability of certain business models, the other   for reducing financial incentives for renewables.   With the gradual easing of containment measures   growth of Slovenia’s economic activity is related to
 two challenges are key to the direction of business   However, our strategy is based on the premise that,   in 2021, economic activity in Slovenia and globally   the epidemiological situation inside the country and
 in the end, performance is what makes the difference   could begin to recover, but isn’t expected to return   the epidemiological situation in its important trading
 The EU’s commitment to medium-term CO  neutrality   between winners and losers. The foundation of a   to pre-pandemic levels before 2022. The depth of   partners. Another important aspect is to gradually
 through policies has a direct impact on the structure   good performance is human capital, which achieves   the decline and the speed of recovery in 2021 and   and thoughtfully withdraw measures to mitigate the
 and development of energy. Policy directives to   extreme  effects  through  appropriate  personnel   2022 will vary greatly from country to country and   effects of the epidemic. 2
 promote renewables and green technologies through   selection and good management due to team synergy.
 subsidies, CO  schemes, co-financing of hydrogen   For effective tactical implementation, modern tools
 technology development projects, etc. affect the   must be used, and that is where digitalization comes   Table: Estimation and forecast of GDP growth
 structure of production resources and, to a lesser   in.
             Real GDP growth rate in %                       2019          2020e         2021p         2022p
             Slovenia                                               3.20    -6.60         4.30          4.40
             Euro zone                                        1.30          -7.20         4.20          3.60

             Globally                                         2.80          -3.50         5.50          4.20
            Note: e – estimate, p – projection.

              Source: UMAR, Winter forecast of economic trends 2020.

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