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Interenergo  Accounting report  Interenergo  Accounting report

 Revenue from commission services are recognized on a net basis, in the amount of the commission to which it   The costs of professional services increased in 2020 mainly because of advisory services in connection with
 is entitled on the basis of a contract in which the Company acts as a commission agent who performs electricity   new investments (2020: EUR 363,038, 2019: EUR 144,334). The costs of audit services amounted in the reporting
 trading in its name for the client’s account. As the Company does not bear the risk of losses that must be   period to EUR 23,550 (2019: EUR 16,900), whereof EUR 21,550 (2019: EUR 14,900) refers to auditing of the
 settled by the client based on the contract, the Company acts as an agent in this contract.  annual report and EUR 2,000 (2019: € 2,000) to other assurance-related services. KPMG did not perform any
            non-audit services for the Company.
 Revenue from the sale of other services include energy services, trading services and engineering services.

 2.4.17  Cost of goods sold and cost of material  2.4.19  Personnel costs

             in EUR                                                                     2020            2019
 in EUR  2020  2019
             Personnel costs                                                        -2,414,520     -4,306,620
 Purchase cost of goods sold and material used  -448,688,524  -682,607,737
               Salaries                                                             -1,791,152      -3,801,088
 Purchase cost of goods sold  -448,479,230  -682,274,599
               Pension and social insurance costs                                    -447,375        -355,926
 Costs of material used  -209,293  -132,051
               Other personnel costs                                                 -175,993        -149,606
 Effects of standardized futures contracts  0  -201,088

            As at 31 December 2020, the Company recorded 44 full-time employees (2019: 37), who in terms of full working
 Costs of goods, which include the electricity purchases, cross-border transmission capacities and trading costs,
 have declined by 34% over the previous period. The aforesaid is primarily due to the fact that the Company   time equal 43.875 employees. Relative to 2019, the personnel costs declined due to lower variable remuneration
 transferred part of its electricity trading from the physical market to the financial market, where it trades in   of employees, which depends on the Company’s business results. The Company formed no provisions for jubilee
 standardized futures contracts on the EEX, and revenue and expenses thereunder are shown in Company’s   premiums and retirement benefits, as the amount is insignificant in view of the number and age of employees.
 financial statements at netted amount.  The Company is run by two Managing Directors and two holders of procuration. Remuneration of management
            members, which includes gross salaries, other work-related remuneration, bonuses and premiums for voluntary
 Costs of material used comprise costs of energy systems, costs of fuel, of energy used, office stationary and
 professional literature, and write-off of small tools.  supplementary pension insurance, amounted to EUR 198,389 in 2020 (2019: EUR 264,782). Remuneration
            of other employees employed under contracts for which the tariff part of the collective agreement does not
            apply, amounted to EUR 1,004,650 (2019: EUR 570,421). In 2020 and 2019, no remuneration was paid to the
 2.4.18  Cost of services  members of the Supervisory Board.

            Educational structure of staff
 in EUR  2020  2019
 Costs of services  -2,271,012  -2,090,486
                                                        No. of employees*          Average no. of employees *
 Consultancy services  -785,703  -583,473
                                                    31 Dec 2020     31 Dec 2019         2020            2019
 Costs of maintenance   -320,088  -252,795
             Secondary school education (level V)            3              1              2               1
 Bank fees  -241,644  -238,937
             1st level university education (level VI.1, VI.2)  20         17            18.5             14
 Rents  -219,879  -213,559
             2nd level university education (level VII.)  18.875           17          17.938             17
 Costs of student work  -164,741  -135,647
             Master's degree (level VIII.1)                  1              2             1.5            2.5
 Insurance costs  -126,929  -138,561
             Ph.D. (level VIII.2)                            1              0             0.5              0
 Marketing costs   -75,920  -169,115
             Total                                      43.875             37          40.438           34.5
 Reimbursement of work-related costs to employees  -35,102  -91,291
 Other costs of services  -301,005  -267,106  * Full time equivalent.

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