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Bartec Varnost

Technical Solution

Heat production and Lighting

Solution Type

Gas boilers and Efficient interior LED lighting

Annual Energy Savings:

270 MWh

About the project

At the company premises, we have revamped the entire indoor lighting and the boiler room, which heats 2,514 m2 and operates between 8 and 16 hours a day. The new systems bring high financial savings that meet the contractual savings goals. With the central control system in place, we, as the system manager, can quickly respond to customer requirements and needs. The renovation has also improved employee satisfaction, as new lighting created better working conditions.



We decided to renovate our lighting and heating systems with the desire to save money and provide better working conditions for our employees. Thanks to energy contracting, the greatest savings were made in the new lighting for our premises, which also made our employees happy.


Sašo Marn, Head of Production