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Municipality of Radoviš

Technical Solution


Solution Type

Efficient outdoor LED lighting

Annual Energy Savings:

1,912 MWh

About the project

We renovated the entire public lighting in the municipality of Radoviš, which is located in North Macedonia, and thus realized our first project of this kind in the region. Approximately 3,500 old, inefficient lights of different shape and type (11 types) were previously installed in the municipality, all of which were replaced with four types of efficient LED lights that achieved a tidy and unified appearance. More efficient lights, which also have automatic reduction installed to ensure optimal surface illumination, consume less electricity, require less maintenance, have a longer service life and are more environmentally friendly.

Before the renovation, electricity consumption in the municipality of Radoviš amounted to 2,620 MWh and dropped to 707 MWh after the renovation, which represents a 73 % saving. The project will bring financial savings of € 1.72 million and 7.5 tons of  emissions over the eight-year contract period. The lights are suitable for management within a smart city, so this is also an investment in the future.

public lighting
public lighting
public lighting
public lighting