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Interenergo  Business report  Interenergo    Business report

 Compliance with GRI sustainability   Index  Disclosure  Chapter                Page       Notes

                                                    Statement of management’s
                         An explanation of if and how
 reporting standards     the organisation applies the   responsibility
                         precautionary principle
              102-12     External documents,        Corporate governance; Corporate   20
                         principles and other economic,   governance statement
                         environmental and social
 We prepared this year’s annual report according to   the future, we will strive to increase the compliance   initiatives to which the
 the principles of sustainable reporting, supplemented   of reporting with the GRI Sustainable Reporting   organisation is a signatory and
 with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative   Guidelines and continue to collect the necessary   supporter
 (GRI) and included new reporting standards, i.e. GRI   data.  102-13  Memberships in organisations  Impact on society; Professional   39
 standards. As Interenergo operates in a sustainable   The further development of corporate reporting will   and trade associations
 way, it is in our interest to monitor our operations   also follow the accepted and established frameworks   Strategy and analysis
 and contribute to the sustainable development of   for the introduction of comprehensive thinking and
 the company with appropriate measures, and at   comprehensive reporting.  102-14  Statement of the highest   Letter from the managing   8
 the same time offer our stakeholders sufficient   decision-maker in the   directors
                         organization on the importance of
 information about our conduct.  For any questions regarding the annual report,   sustainable development for the
 contact us at  organization and on the strategy   Business model;  29
 This is our first reporting in accordance with the   for implementing sustainable   Sustainable development
 guidelines of the GRI standards, so some disclosures   The report covers the period from 1 January to 31   development
 have not yet been met or are only partially met. In   December 2020.
              102-15     Key impacts, risks and     Risk management             44         We will also identify
                         opportunities                                                     opportunities in the
 Table: GRI - General Standard Disclosures                                                 future.

              Ethics and integrity
 Index  Disclosure  Chapter  Page  Notes  102-16  Description of values, principles,   Business model  9
                         standards and principles of
 GRI 101: Foundation 2016  conduct, i.e. codes of conduct and   Corporate governance;  20
                         codes of ethics
 GRI 102: General disclosures 2016                  Corporate governance statement
 Company profile   Management

 102-1  Name of the organisation  Company profile  9  102-18  Management structure of   Company profile  9
                         the organization, including
 102-2  Primary brands, products and   Company profile  9  commissions of the highest   Corporate governance;  20
 services                governing body             Corporate governance statement

 102-3  Headquarters of the organisation  Company profile  9
              102-22     Composition of the highest   Company profile           9
 102-4  Geographical area of operation  Impact on society; Customers  32  governing body and commissions

 102-5  Ownership and legal form  Company profile;  11  Stakeholder involvement
 Ownership structure
              102-40     List of stakeholder groups   Impacts on society;       30
 102-6  Markets (geographical and   Impact on society;  32  with which the organization   Key stakeholders
 sectoral breakdown and   Trading  cooperates
 breakdown by type of customer)
              102-43     Approaches for involving   Impacts on society;         30         In the future, we will
 102-7  Size of the organisation   2020 Highlights  6  stakeholders, including the   Key stakeholders  include the frequency
 (number of employees, number   frequency of cooperation by                                of cooperation with
 of activities, sales revenue,   Company profile  9  stakeholder groups                    stakeholder groups
 liabilities/capital, number of
 products or services)  Employees  40  102-44  Key topics and questions raised   Impacts on society;  30  In the future, we will
                         in the process of cooperation   Key stakeholders                  include the response
 Impact on society  30   with stakeholders and how the                                     of the stakeholders
                         organisation responded to them,                                   to the process of
 102-8  Employees by type of   Employees  40  We will report on the   including through reporting  cooperation.
 employment, type of contract,   regions in more detail
 region and gender  in future reports.

 48  Integrated Annual Report 2020                                             Integrated Annual Report 2020  49
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