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Interenergo  Business report  Interenergo    Business report

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 Report data  GRI 203: Indirect economic impacts
 102-45  List of entities is included in the   Corporate governance;  20  203-1  Development and impact of   Impact on society;  32
 consolidated financial statements  Corporate governance statement  infrastructure investments and   Employees
                         support activities
 102-46  Defining report content and topic   Corporate governance;  20  In the future, we are
 boundaries  Corporate governance statement   planning a process   Environmental impact
 of defining the topic
 Compliance with GRI   48  boundaries.  305: Emissions
 sustainability reporting standards
              305-1      Direct greenhouse gas emissions  Impact on society;    32
 102-49  Significant changes compared   Sustainable development;   29  Employees
 to previous report and topic   Adherence to the principles of
 boundaries  sustainable reporting   Social impacts
 Compliance with GRI   48  GRI 401: Employment
 sustainability reporting standards
              401-1      Number of new employees and   Employees                40
 102-50  Reporting period  Compliance with GRI   48  employee turnover
 sustainability reporting standards
              GRI 403: Security and health at work
 102-52  Reporting cycle  Compliance with GRI   48
 sustainability reporting standards  403-1  Explaination whether the   Employees  40       Included in the next
                         company has an occupational                                       report.
 102-53  Contact information for questions   Company profile  9  safety and health management
 regarding the report    system in place
 Compliance with GRI   48
 sustainability reporting standards  403-5  Training of employees on safety   Employees  40  Included in the next
                         and health at work                                                report.
 102-54  Reference in accordance with GRI   Compliance with GRI   48
 standards   sustainability reporting standards  403-6  Workplace health promotion  Employees  40  Included in the next
 102-55  Index according to GRI guidelines  GRI Table   48
              GRI 404: Education

              404-1      Average number of hours of   Employees                 40         We are monitoring the
 Tabela: GRI - Specific standard disclosures  education per employee by                    number of hours of
                         gender and by categories of                                       education and training.
 Index  Disclosure  Chapter  Page  Notes  GRI 405: Diversity and equal opportunities
 Economic impacts  405-2  Ratio of basic income of women   Employees            40         We implement the
                         compared to men depending on                                      principle of equal pay
 GRI 201: Economic performance  the type of employment, by key                             for all workers.
 201-1  Directly generated and   Employees  40  In the future, we will
 distributed economic value   define the values in   GRI 413: Local communities
 (revenues, operating costs,   Local communities  39  more detail.
 salaries and bonuses of   413-1   Activities involving the local   Impact on society;
 employees, payments to   Financial management  43  community, where impacts were
 owners of capital, payments to   assessed and development   Production of electricity  34
 the country (taxes), donations   programs were made
 and other investments in the                       Local communities           39

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