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                                                                                                                                                                     Business report
            Interenergo                       Business report                                                                      Interenergo                       Business r eport

            Customers                                                                                                              Figure: Presence on markets and energy exchanges


            Trading volume of the company in TWh               Revenue from electricity trading in EUR million

                    2019                     2020                      2019                     2020

                   26.4*                    22.9*                     699.3                   458.9
                                                                                                                                                     DE                CZ


            * Inclusive of traded volume for own and foreign account.
                                                                                                                                                                      AT              HU
            In 2020, we exceeded the estimated plan in the field   We signed our first stand-alone Power Purchasing                                                                                       RO
            of electricity trading and thus continued the trend of   Agreement (PPA) for the purchase of electricity from                                              SI     HR
            successful trading. The amount of electricity traded   a Hungarian wind farm with a nominal capacity of
            at the company level reached 22.9 TWh. Realized    10 MW, which is an indicator of our successful work
            revenues from electricity trading of the company in   and contribution to a green and sustainable economy                                                             BA         RS
            2020 amounted to EUR 458.9 million, which is 35    in the European Union. Contracts for the purchase                                                                                            BG
            percent less than in 2019. The main reason for the   of energy produced from renewable energy sources                                                                       ME    XK
            decrease is that the company transferred part of the   are crucial in supporting the transition to a green                                         IT
            electricity trading from the physical market, where   economy, as the period of state support schemes                                                                                MK
            it trades through energy exchanges and commodity   and state financing of RES projects for electricity
            forwards directly with partners, to the financial   generation is coming to an end. Interenergo thus
            market, where  it trades  standardized  futures    enables  investors  in  renewable  energy  sources                                                                                  GR
            contracts on the EEX, revenues and expenses from   access to market prices and other services for the
            this address are shown in the company’s financial   economical operation of the renewable energy power
            statements in netted amounts, while revenues and   plant.
            expenses from trading on the physical market are   Our presence on the markets and energy exchanges
            shown in the company’s financial statements in     did not change in 2020: we were present in Slovenia,
            gross amounts. The achieved result was also marked   Austria, Italy, Germany, North Macedonia, Serbia,
            by high volatility across markets and uncertainty due   Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece,
            to the COVID-19 pandemic.
                                                               Romania, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary,
            Electricity trading is one of the core activities of   Czech Republic and Slovakia. We also traded on the
            Interenergo, which is why accurate and reliable    European energy exchange EEX.                                        EPEX Spot       German power exchange              CROPEX          Croatian power exchange
            estimations  of  electricity consumption are of                                                                         EEX             European Energy Exchange           OPCOM           Romanian power exchange
            key importance to us. In 2020, we invested in the
            further development of our own analytical models                                                                        OTE             Czech power exchange               SEEPEX          Serbian power exchange
            of algorithmic operations and tools to support                                                                          OKTE            Slovak power exchange              IBEX            Bulgarian power exchange
            trading. Algorithmic trading provides us with a big                                                                     Swissgrid       Swiss power grid                   GME             Italian power exchange
            competitive advantage in this area.
                                                                                                                                    HUPX            Hungarian power exchange           HENEX           Greek power exchange
                                                                                                                                    BSP Southpool   Slovenian power exchange

            32    Integrated Annual Report 2020                                                                                                                                                       Integrated Annual Report 2020  33
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Integrated Annual Report 2020
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