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Belinka Perkemija Industrial Building

Technical Solution

Combined heat and power

Solution Type

Gas engines

Annual Energy Savings:

9,108 MWh

About the project

Belinka Perkemija d.o.o. is a company with a long tradition in wood protection. For them we have developed a solution involving combined heat and power (CHP). The company primarily used natural gas boilers to heat its production facilities, and our experts installed a CHP plant with a gas engine having a nominal power output of 550 kW and a heat output of 578 kW. The new CHP plant will produce heat and power for over 8,000 hours a year.

The company will use the power for its own needs, and the heat for heating production facilities and making steam for production processes using a steam generator with an annual production of 2,720 MWh. With the built-in CHP plant, Belinka will cover as much as 30 per cent of its  annual electricity consumption at their location and reduce gas consumption for steam generation and central heating.

With our help, Belinka will now monitor, control and manage production using  a central control system. With improved energy efficiency and lower primary energy consumption, the company will benefit from financial savings and a reliable supply of heat and electricity. They will also reduce their annual CO2 emissions by 1,825 tons — an amount that would otherwise take 72,900 trees to absorb.