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Sustainable Development

Our contribution to sustainable development

We operate sustainably

For more than ten years, we have been investing intensively into green technologies and providing electricity from renewable sources. We are constantly looking for energy solutions that are heading in the direction of transition to a low-carbon company, and striving to produce clean energy from water, wind and sun, which are environmentally friendly sources. In various areas of business, we are introducing digitalization and new technologies with positive effects on the environment. We operate sustainably and contribute to a cleaner and more efficient energy supply.

We follow sustainability guidelines

One of our fundamental values is responsibility to society and the environment. Our mission is to co-create the future of energy with green services that ensure sustainability and stakeholder satisfaction and preserve the environment. We are goal-oriented and believe that a simpler transition to a low-carbon company is possible with a clear vision, goals and perseverance.

We promote environmentally friendly solutions

Since preserving our environment and nature is important to us, we strive to have a positive impact on climate changes, which pose a growing threat to local communities and the society. We believe every act counts, so we use an electric vehicle, which contributes to lowering CO₂ emissions in the atmosphere, and encourage walking and cycling among employees, which is an even more suitable solution for the environment.

Waste separation and protecting the environment

Waste management is part of our daily lives and the environmental awareness of our employees, who embody our green values. We separate waste with accordance to regulations and legislation, and by obtaining the Tap Water Certificate, we have committed to only serve and use drinking tap water instead of using bottled water in our premises. By doing this, we saved 62.5 kg of bottles and about 100 kg of CO₂ in just half a year.

Energy self-sufficiency

Investments into renewable energy sources remain at the core of the company's sustainable orientation. Our solar power plants enable us to supply the headquarters of the company with our own electricity. In 2019, we supplied 2.86 MW of energy with solar power plants.

We support green technology solutions

For more than 10 years, we have been investing intensively into green technologies and projects that contribute to an easier transition to a climate-neutral society and circular economy. During the pandemic and the economic crisis, we joined the national alliance for green recovery, which encourages innovation, development and implementation of green technological solutions in all sectors.