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Energy contracting process

We do the work for you in all phases of the process.

Being our customer in the energy contracting process, you can leave everything to our experienced professionals. Interenergo manages every step in the process for you: searching for the optimal solution and implementing it, not to forget administering and maintaining the system later on. The upgrade of your energy system is thus carried out reliably and as quickly as possible. We manage every single step on the way to the end of the project thoroughly and with the required professionalism.


Energy assessment, including detailed analysis

To guarantee the most effective renovation of the system, a detailed assessment and analysis of the current energy consumption and needs is indispensable.


Developing new technical solutions

Based on the identified opportunities, we prepare one or several solutions that best meet your technical and economical requirements. We assess the solutions considering their suitability for our customer and choose the one fulfilling their needs best.


Project implementation

If available, we look for suitable grants and prepare an application to receive them.

Based on the agreement with our customer, we offer a partial or complete project funding.

We take care of all documentation needed and of the turnkey project - from the initial concept to the operating authorization.

The implementation phase comprises any necessary constructing measures, e.g. machine-related, electrical equipment.


System management

Energy supply
We guarantee a reliable and cost-effective energy supply.

Operation and maintenance
We provide our customer with an all-round service for the system installed: operation, maintenance and, if necessary, service or upgrades. As a user, you can leave everything to us.

Data monitoring
By monitoring the system data in real time, we continuously improve and optimize system performance.


Transferring the ownership of the equipment to the customer

After the agreed contract period, the ownership of the equipment is transferred to the customer.