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DEOS elderly care facility

Technical Solution

Combined heat and power

Solution Type

Gas engines

Annual Energy Savings:

811 MWh

About the project

DEOS provides institutional care for the elderly in its eight centres across Slovenia and employs more than 690 people caring for 1,340 residents. For the DEOS elderly care facility in Notranje Gorice, we developed a reliable technical solution involving combined heat and power (CHP) and installed two CHP plants in addition to the two gas boilers. The first CHP plant has 20 kW of power output and 40 kW of thermal output, and the second one 50 kWe and 88 kWq, respectively. Together they will cover over 75 per cent of the facility’s heat demand, while gas boilers will only be used during peak loads. 

By implementing a central control system that allows remote control and operation, we have increased the security of supply and reduced the threat to residents’ safety in the event of errors. The project improved efficiency, reduced energy costs and contributed to a cleaner environment.