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G-M&M Industrial Building

Technical Solution


Solution Type

Efficient indoor LED lighting

Annual Energy Savings:

150 MWh

About the project

G-M&M trgovina is a successful Slovenian company based in Grosuplje, for which Interenergo prepared a technical calculation for lighting as well as a proposal for the optimisation of sectors and lighting stations. Outdated lighting did not meet the needs of work processes, was not in line with legal safety requirements and was not always switched off when not needed. The old lighting with the connection power of 72.4 kW was replaced by new LED lighting with the connection power of 14.64 kW.

The energy renovation reduced energy consumption and therefore resulted in lower electricity and maintenance costs. In addition, working conditions have improved. Based on the inventory of existing lighting, the number of operating hours and the quote for lighting replacement, the estimated annual savings are 150,281 kWh, which translates to EUR 18,444.