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Kranj School Centre

Technical Solution

Comprehensive energy renovation

Solution Type

Several operations

Annual Energy Savings:

354.45 MWh

About the project

With a desire for greater energy efficiency, the Secondary School of Economics, Services and Construction of the Kranj School Centre decided to cooperate with Interenergo. Excessive consumption of energy used for heating was one of the main reasons for the comprehensive energy renovation. Following the model of energy contracting within the framework of a public-private partnership (PPP), the school center obtained the missing financial resources and a professional energy partner, who carried out the entire project for them on a turnkey basis without any risks. We also carried out the entire administrative procedure and took on all the risks associated with obtaining grant funds.

The investment in the amount of € 828,000 was supported by € 294,020 in non-refundable European funds and funds of the Republic of Slovenia. Interenergo covered the investment with 56.5 %, while Kranj School Centre invested 7.99 % of funds. Ultimately, we are proud to say that even in the current situation, we managed to complete the project in only three months.

The comprehensive energy renovation included:

  1. renovation of the boiler room
  2. lightning replacement
  3. window replacement
  4. glass façade replacement
  5. thermal insulation of the attic

We updated the entire LED lighting and the boiler room, in which we installed energy-efficient gas boilers and a heat pump. We contributed to the increase in energy efficiency by replacing all windows and glass façades, and equipped the attic with thermal insulation, which also significantly reduced the heat loss of the building.
In addition to financial savings of € 55,218 annually,  emissions will also be reduced by 140 tons per year due to the renovation — an amount which would otherwise require more than 4,200 trees to absorb it. Because of the comprehensive renovation project, all students, teachers and other employees will return to a safer, improved and more modernly equipped school after the epidemic.



Based on our experience, I can confirm without hesitation that Interenergo is an exemplary partner with a fresh, innovative, vigorous and professional team you can always count on. So far, we have all respected our agreements and we trust each other. I would recommend energy contracting to other public institutions.


Jože Drenovec, director of Kranj School Centre


renovation of the boiler room
glass façade replacement
window replacement
thermal insulation of the attic
lightning replacement