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Municipality of Benedikt

Technical Solution


Solution Type

Efficient outdoor LED lighting

Annual Energy Savings:

124 MWh

About the project

The municipality of Benedikt is focused on the efficient use of energy, so we renovated the entire public lighting and the lighting of their sports hall. We replaced inefficient and old lights with new efficient LED lights, which we will operate and maintain throughout the contract period. We also reduced light pollution with high-quality lights that ensure optimal surface illumination through automatic reduction. We replaced the outdated reflectors in the sports hall and its outdoor sports surfaces, thus ensuring optimal lighting in all conditions.

By renovating, we successfully reduced maintenance costs and electricity consumption for the municipality of Benedikt by more than 80 %. As part of the project, the municipality obtained an arrangement for entry in the cadaster and a guarantee for its regular updating. The entire lighting renovation project is an investment in the future, as the lights are suitable for management within a smart city.

lighting of their sports hall
lighting of their sports hall